Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Rappers Really Are Gangsta

Just to alleviate concerns that the rap industry is getting soft, last night, after 50 Cent went on New York radio to announce that he was ejecting newly-minted superstar "Game" from his crew for disloyalty, gunplay erupted in front of the studio. It appears that Game's crew ran up on 50's, multiple gats (also known as burners) were pulled, and some poor rider got tagged in the leg. Later, the front door of Violator Management, which represents 50, was sprayed with bullets (this is, by my count, the third time the front door of Violator has been sprayed with bullets in the last two years).

While no arrests were made, Kareem Muhammad, a bellicose Queens thug, was extraordinarily rendered to Syria on suspicion of his patronymic. An unnamed source explained, "They did 'hammad dirty."

Other than the fluvial bloodshed that will now ensue, the worst result of this new beef is that Lloyd Banks, member of 50's "posse" Guerilla Unit, will no longer be able to perform his greatest lyric:

"I ain't from Michigan, but I'm in the Fab 5,
Yayo and Fifty . . . Buck and Game --
You know my fucking name"


At 10:22 AM, Blogger the actual rod said...

several things.

first, i want to congratulate you on 'fluvial bloodshed'. that may be the most beautiful thing i've ever read.

but why did 50 and game have beef? i must have missed that shit. my bet is that 50's trying to salvage his career/self-respect after realizing that candy shop was an inane piece of garbage and that he isn't intelligent enough to spew anything but hate. he is, however, much more wealthy than i.

the game is also an ambitious piece of shit. i would venture that the only worthwhile thing to come out of g-unit is young buck, and that he should collapse game's lung, and 50's too, for good measure.

gangsta my ass though. it is time for the hip-hop community to reject the childish tribalism that keeps so many young black men in miserable lives. i'm the last person who'd insult the vicelords, for instance, because they used to provide more social services for inner-city kids than the federal gov't (whatup trey?!); nonetheless, the power of hiphop will continue to degenerate not only as a result of commercialism, but even more because of the inability of rappers to see that there is more to life than how much so-and-so rides their dick, whether they're ready to ride or die, etc.

if they weren't ignorant bastards undeserving of their blessings, they would actually use their hold of public attention to forward a message that actually helps black people. but no, goddamnit. no. they are egotistical pieces of shit. i have no respect for any of them. beef is old. revolution is the new gangsta.

At 10:25 AM, Blogger the actual rod said...


i'm sure game reads finnegan's wake, so i'd like to challenge him (or 50, who i'm fairly sure is illiterate) to a battle. anytime, anywhere. shake the masses like that.


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