Friday, July 15, 2005

End of Death Watch . . . Begin Insurgency

Well, not to be a latecoming naysayer but as of the front page NYTimes article on Roves conversation with Novak, its pretty clear to me that Rove is not going anywhere. Its obvious and is in fact stated that the person leaking the info to the Times is a proRove apologist. What he or she is doing and what Bushs June comments about standing by his pledge TO RESPOND TO THE FINDINGS OF THE PROSECUTOR is clear. At least based on the the RoveNovak conversation that has been testified to, Rove did not commit a crime. Now who knows if there were other convos that will never be reported, but in this one he is not knowingly disclosing the identity of an undercover operative. He is merely reacting to Novaks apparently a priori info. So the prosecutor wont press charges and Bush will say the prosecutor has clearly demonstrated that there was no improper disclosure, and Rove stays. Ill put some dollars on this. The only thing that could conceivably change the situation on the ground is if the Dems and, more likely, leftist actionists somehow manage to drum up enough moral outrage and civic squalor to put the Bushite hegemon in an awkward position. But, in todays environment situations can only really be staged on television as opposed to the real world which doesnt actually exist as an arena for nonviolent militancy and alas the airwaves are being monitored. Maybe Atrios can make something happen.

Please Note . . . I am deeply sorry for the utter lack of punctuation or aesthetic splendor in the above post. My Praguian keyboard is a motherfucker.


At 3:26 PM, Anonymous Liam said...

Ah, J, latecoming truthsayer, but still timely soothsayer you are: Rove will not go down based on the novacooperyadada...and that sucks a big 'ol methhead ('s head).

Even if legal the man’s actions are outrageous—Forget the current round of "he-leaked-she-exposed." Before being accused of breaking Plame’s cover, Rove happily admitted to broadcasting the leak as a way to exact public revenge against her husband.

Rove's got tact but no soul, and goals as mean as his means...somewhere Tupac and Machiavelli are smoking a blunt and crying

It's true we won't go out raging 'round Dupont Circle, bricks inhand then inwindow, demanding that Bush, Twat and Clit resign...
But i think you underestimate the increasingly young, schizo-frenetic, and fed up media's potential to flip gangsta on Rove. (impelled by the secondary “freedom of press” issue?)

Given the legislative Republicanopy CNNMSNABCBSPAN probably can't shame Rove, Bush Inc. out of office (except maybe if you called Dub’s Desk “Gay”), but they can shame normal folks into voting donkey.


stop sparking meaningless, campfires controversies with flint n' tinder that you've grayed & frayed to obscurity by balancing Red v. Blue, NeilAppeal v. Truth, Bowtie v. Notie, (Examples v. Etcetera?). AND INSTEAD: pour on the kerosene till the umbrage burns so blue-bright that confused sailors scuttle their scuttles (and alotta free coke washes up on south beach. "OOO sea glass!")


Coked or sober we should be seething. The administration’s policies are so bankrupt that they’ve fully accepted smarminess as the best defense:

Press- “….casualties in the Middle East, Mr. President?”

Bush- Smirks “heh” Smirks again, “I think about Iraq everyday…everyday. You understand?” Smirks, “Heh…next question”

ENOUGH of this…Jeremy find a computer immediately, oh, good work…well now find 300 Bars by the Game, if you haven’t heard it or if you have, after hearing it you will have been more enlightened (sorry, I love that…where’s the present?)


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