Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sullivan, and Religion, etc.

Andrew Sullivan: "I remember distinctly deciding not to study theology in college, despite my intense interest, because I was frightened that the more I understood, the less I would believe."

From this we might infer a lot about Sullivan's world, or at least about his mindset @ Oxford.
He seems to have changed his views since then.

Am I the only one who has a hard time figuring out Sullivan's real comportment toward religion, and Catholicism in particular?

I totally agree that you can have your absolutely inidividual interpretation of faith, but isnt' that say, sort of Protestant? And I'd sort of like to ask, purely out of theological curiosity, what the content of Sullivan's Catholicism is.

One of the problems I have with people's arguments when battling funadmentalism, a battle I whole-heartedly support, is that they will say something like: I'm a Christian -- I stand for helping the poor, not fighting in unnecessary wars, being just to others, etc.

Well that's just historically, and critically, and theologially unrigorous. Okay -- that's the shit you're into, and me too. But the words we use like "Christian" or "Muslim" or "Jewish" or whatever, have a lot more cultural and historical and insitutional weight attached to them than that. I'm tired of folks running around, defining their totally unseen, never-before experienced brand of pure religious virtue, professing their status as faith-based personage, and then going after the extremists.

Go after the extremists, absolutely. But we have develop a more moraly, historicaly, and philosophicaly serious critique of belief than it seems we are operating with.


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