Thursday, June 19, 2008

New At The Guardian

My take on John McCain's energy policy. One thing I didn't mention is McCain's support for building new nuclear reactors, which would be a good thing.

Also, there's someone called "Barak Koffler." My son is a time-traveller?


And Now, The Grim Reaping

Interesting tidbit from The Hill's piece on Donald Rumsfeld refusing to endorse John McCain for president:
Rumsfeld declined to comment any further. He also declined a follow-up request for comment on the issue to his personal office.

“He has focused his energy on the Rumsfeld Foundation,” said his aide, Keith Urbahn. One of the foundation’s goals is to encourage young people to participate in public service.

Rumsfeld, a staunch Republican and defense secretary under Bush and President Ford, may find himself in a hard place come Election Day.

Rumsfeld, a former four-term congressman from Illinois and a mentor to Vice President Cheney, has not completely stayed out of politics this year.

“Mr. Rumsfeld is a Republican. He has been helping Republican candidates for decades and he continues to do so this year,” said Urbahn.
I've learned from various inside sources (like a certain Meith Murbahn*) that the population of Rumsfeldland feels completely betrayed by the Bush administration and loathes John "[Rumsfeld] is one of the worst SecDefs in history" McCain even more. Even so, I really, really hope they are not Obamacons.



Sunday, June 15, 2008

More Bright College Years

I swear I wouldn't be posting this if I'd ever won anything like it before. ('Ov' means overseas not-EU.) Notice the female to male ratio. We're worse than physics!

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