Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Have Some Self-Respect

This is just embarrassing. The problem with Fox is not that it's conservative (though their incessant lies on that subject are corollary to the problem). What's wrong is that Fox is a propaganda mill for the Republican Party. Susan Estrich's recourse to the Hannity interview of Dick Cheney is unintentionally hilarious. As Andrew Sullivan suggested, try to guess which of the following statements in that interview were made by Cheney and which by Hannity (I don't know all the answers myself):
a) "The world's much better off and much safer today because Saddam Hussein's in prison, will soon go on trial in Iraq, and the 25 million people in Iraq, as well as in Afghanistan, have been liberated. Those are all major achievements."

b) "We just had elections in Iraq. The security forces are growing in Iraq. There's still an insurgency, but there's a lot of progress."

c): "We've got millions of people here illegally... It adds significant cost to local communities who have to provide educational services or health services."

d) "People express their concern about the vulnerability and susceptibility of our borders."

e) "The Koran had not been flushed down the toilet, and the — Newsweek had to withdraw its comment. It's important that they be careful and exercise a sense of responsibility here, because lives are at stake."

d) "When Newsweek puts out reports that the Koran was flushed down the toilet, and then later they have to retract a story like that. The impact it has on people worldwide and those people that are looking for reasons to hate the United States or justify, perhaps, actions against our troops."

f) "Two hundred and fourteen years, we've never had a judge that would have otherwise been approved by the Senate filibustered."

g) "We need to restore the traditional practice of the last 214 years."
I don't doubt Estrich's sincere belief that Fox did offer her a better deal than NBC, and I don't in any way question her right to get paid as much as she can for whatever she'd like to do; however, as many wise people have noted, one's choice of comrades matters, and there just isn't a way for a liberal (or anyone else) to defend the journalistic and intellectual integrity of a Hannity while preserving one's own.


At 3:01 PM, Blogger Josh Eidelson said...

Reading Estrich's piece, you would get the idea that she bears the cross and marches into work every day to get out a progressive message in a hostile environment. If only. Susan Estrich serves the same purpose as Alan Colmes: To provide a bipartisan veneer for the channel's ideological assumptions and strengthen the contention that they represent not right-wing talking points but universally acknowledged common sense. She revels in heaping scorn on Fox's liberal target of the day as much as she revels in self-righteous claptrap about how open-minded she is and how much abuse she takes from all her liberal friends for it. Her role on that show is a fig leaf posing as an olive branch.


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