Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Cold Water

Something for us liberals, hawks or doves, to keep in mind.


At 6:54 AM, Anonymous Ashish George said...

I am not in principle opposed to humanitarian interventions. But this is really a bit too much.

"There is a danger that progressives will transform themselves into amoral neo-Kissinger realists in reaction to the Crawford Bush clan. That would be an ill-advised abandonment of Truman, Kennedy, Scoop Jackson, Clinton democratic internationalism that promotes American ideals and interests."

Nigga, please. Truman, Kennedy, Jackson, Clinton--what an unholy puppet show. What did any of these people really know about humanitarianism? I will confess that I don't very much about Scoop Jackson other than that nowadays he is--along with Moynihan--the Democrat every bloodthirsty saber-rattler on the right wishes the Donkeys would emulate. But Truman? I am sorry, but no president who needlessly unleashed two atomic bombs on an essentially beaten enemy can be held up as some beacon of a citizen-of-the-world mentality. Kennedy flunked the Vietnam Test and was wedded to the military-industrial complex from the beginning, raising military spending 14 percent his first year in office. And as for Clinton, attacking aspirin factories in Sudan while looking the other way as Rwanda switched to a skull-based currency (to modify an Onion headline) is a record no one should be proud of.

Like I said, I am not opposed in principle to a humanitarian intervention. But with models like these, liberals can do only harm.

At 8:45 AM, Blogger Finnegan said...

I was really focused on the progressives joining up with the house of Kissinger. Watching the left go nuts for Brent Scowcroft---uh, nigga, please.

What's the trouble with Moynihan?


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