Friday, May 26, 2006

Uncle Pat's Miraculous Jesus Juice and Cureall

The very reverend Pat Robertson (R-Jesusland) is selling a protein shake he credits with enabling him to leg press 2000 lbs. Andrew Sullivan declares himself an unbeliever, simply because he's never seen a leg press machine capable of holding 2000 lbs.:
How many leg-press machines can handle 2,000 lbs? I've never seen one. Assume that he used 100lb plates - rare, but they exist. Ten on each side? Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry to say that a leading light of the Republican Party is lying to sell protein shakes.
Now, I've never seen such a machine either (and I spent a summer at Gold's Gym in Venice). Nor has Slate's Mike DeBonis. But who's to say that a septuagenarian couldn't outlift one of the freakiest bodybuilders in history by 735 lbs., simply on the grounds that machines that can hold that much weight don't exist, or that the only evidence Robertson provides for his miracle leg press claim is a video of him fooling around with a 940-pound leg press (though he tells his chipper associate that it's 1000) by cheating, using terrible form, and putting himself at risk of serious injury. Maybe accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior is a safe alternative to steroids for high-schoolers looking to get big.

Pat Robertson: Fucking Loser

By the way, I sent Sullivan the link for this post.

UPDATE: It gets better. Robertson (or whoever writes on his webpage) claims that his doctor leg presses 2,700 pounds. More than twice Dorian Yates' total. That, dear friends, is bullshit.

UPDATE: Speaking of lying in Jesus' name, James Dobson's execrable organization is sending out fake letters to newspaper editors in support of the God Hates Fags Amendment.


At 9:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you've misread the Yates website.

1,265 is not Dorian's maximum leg press, it's his workout weight. He does 10-12 reps at 1,265 lbs.

At 9:07 AM, Blogger Finnegan said...

No, no, I understand the situation. The point is that Dorian is not leg pressing 2,000 lbs. Ergo, neither is Pat Robertson.

At 2:47 PM, Blogger HugeBeast420 said...

Anyone can load up 1000lbs and do half ass reps, I have seen 50 year old women get amazed by their trainers that they can legpress 1000lbs 2 inches. Knees to the chest and pause or it doesn't count. Peace Noobs.


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