Thursday, August 04, 2005

O'Reilly In Godwinland

Wonkette, watching the Factor so you don't have to, caught Big Bill in a real rhetorical stinker:
O'REILLY: But what the argument is is that nothing about intelligent design should be introduced. And I think that's fascism.
Through the magic of Nexis, she compiled a partial list of other things O'Reilly thinks are fascist:
The tactics of the ACLU
Not letting city halls have a nativity display
Prohibiting schools from calling winter break "Christmas holidays"
Laws that ban discrimination against people with piercings
The Virginia Military Institute not allowing time for voluntary prayer
A flat tax on the wealthy
Really, the tactics of the ACLU
The Justice Department not answering his questions
Crowds who shout down Arnold Schwarznegger
Seriously, the ACLU is bad
Liberal 527 groups
Exposing kids to racy images is "libertine fascism," and we're just going to let that lie.
What sets O'Reilly apart from your run-of-the-mill slanderers, what marks him out as unhinged, and what makes me love him so much---those are all the same thing, really---is that he doesn't feel the slightest shame or need to qualify himself when tossing around Godwin missiles. Unlike, e.g., Roger L. Simon, who only calls his opponents "objectively pro-fascist (as Orwell put it)" over and over and over and over.

And no, this isn't what I wanted to say about fascism.


At 3:59 AM, Anonymous billiard ball analogy said...

I agree. Especially with your disparately coalescent righteous por conflicted love canopy.


We want to read on and dan can only write so're missed, the buzzer was a bitch (sorry), thanks for the chips really, your what we need prolly, teach the deep cobblery.

Today this dude told me a concise joke. Went down:

Him- "What Happened?"
Me- "What?"
Him- "History"


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