Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Yale's own Stephen Alois Schmalhofer, who left a zany comment on this thread when he couldn't get it published as a letter to the YDN, is one of our comrades in blogging. This appears to be an earnest post:
The Crusaders beat archrival Columbia, a team notorious for the anti-Catholic slurs yelled by their fans. Rarely is such genuine hatred shown in high school sports. It was homecoming weekend, making it that much sweeter. The Crusaders are 6-0 and in prime position to win the section and make district playoffs.
Do Columbia's fans defame the RCC with chants about papist idolatry and the whore of Babylon? Or rather, do they insist that the Vatican account for the whereabouts of wanted Croatian war criminals under church protection? I know everybody's a persecuted victim these days, but nobody outdoes right-wing Catholics when it comes to insufferable whining.


At 8:20 PM, Blogger Stephen said...

Not even Columbia fans would stoop to such pathetic arguments like the whore of Babylon and papal idolatry. Both are ridiculous arguments and their very mentioning discredits you as any sort of reputable writer.

You need to genuinely examine Roman Catholicism instead of getting all your information from garbage like the Da Vinci Code and a host of other liberal garbage posing as literature and journalism.

You misunderstand a variety of things with regards to the Faith. The presence of sin in the Church is not denied! The Pope himself goes to confession everyday! We are all sinners. I am, you are, my priest is, everyone I've ever met has been a sinner. The performance of unlawful and sinful things by Catholics does not discredit the doctrinal truths contained in in Magisterium.

While I'm not familiar with your odd conspiracy story about the Croatian, I will acknowledge the abuse scandal. Every genuine Catholic wants justice done to those who actually committed a crime. Yes I want the bishops who neglected their duties to protect the faithful to be prosecuted justly and the same to the priests who molested. But to claim that the Pope was intimately involved in any way is absurd.

Nobody outdoes a liberal when it comes to anti-religious attitudes.

I'll be praying for you.

At 8:48 PM, Blogger Finnegan said...

It's speaks rather poorly of the Yale admissions committee that I should have to bother explaining this, but my point in bringing up the whore of Babylon versus the omerta for war crimes is to distinguish between traditional forms of genuine anti-Catholic bigotry and legitimate criticisms of the evils wrought by the institution of the church. I didn't think Mr. Schmalhofer was capable of making such a distinction, and he was kind enough to prove me right.

For the record, I have never read the Da Vinci Code, nor have I ever accused the church of anything to do with suppressing information about the descendants of Jesus through Mary Magdalen (is that in fact the story of the Da Vinci Code? I don't know or care).

Skipping over the masochistic bullshit about what sinners we all are (the pope is a sinner--that much is true), we find yet another case for Mr. Schmalhofer to attend remedial reading. "My odd conspiracy story"---actually the charge comes from the chief prosecutor of the UN War Crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. I referenced both the charge and its source in my YDN piece which, obviously, Mr. Schmalhofer either did not read or did not read competently. I take it he is likewise not familiar with the long history of Catholic institutional support for phalangist and Catholic-aligned fascist regimes the world over, Croatia being a particularly egregious example.

While Mr. Schmalhofer is praying for me, I'll be fucking somebody for him.

At 8:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I usually like your stuff but what's so zany about his reply to your article?

It seems to me that he refuted all of your strange attacks on the catholic church.

I don't think you can win this one. From what I've read the pope is totally in the clear but the other bishops might be in trouble.

Get a clue Danny boy! Noone likes to read bigotry.

At 9:42 PM, Blogger Stephen said...

Hey Dan, take a trip down Google to

I can't believe I even spent the 10 seconds it took to refute your accusation.

No war criminal is being hidden by the Vatican. It looks like your beloved UN rep is at fault.

At 10:15 PM, Blogger Finnegan said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 10:21 PM, Blogger Finnegan said...

Now there's an impressive hunk o' sleuthing. The Vatican denies it. And dog bites man. (Or for a more apt analogy: pig rolls around in its own shit.)

ZENIT is an International News Agency.

Our mission is to provide objective coverage of events, documents and issues emanating from or concerning the Catholic Church.

ZENIT's articles are reproduced in hundreds of publications worldwide and are used by numerous radio and TV stations.

Our coverage includes:

-- Activities of Benedict XVI, such as his travels, documents and audiences

-- The Vatican, including diplomatic activity, humanitarian efforts, and profiles of Church leaders

-- Interviews with and features about leading lay Catholics, including researchers, politicians, writers and entertainers
I'd pivot off the elegantly phrased "garbage like the Da Vinci Code and a host of other liberal garbage" remark, but one sees the misunderstandings that could arise therefrom.

At 10:49 PM, Blogger Stephen said...

I feel rather confidant trusting a news organization covering a 2000 year old institution founded by Christ.

But of course, you would rather trust Jane Doe from xyz UN committee, who hasn't come forward in light of the Vatican's new statement.

All things aside, basically it comes down to your word versus mine.

Since this story isn't burning up the front pages of major newspapers, I feel secure in my view.

At 12:39 AM, Blogger jeremy said...

I'll just jump here and say that attacking the institution of the Roman Catholic Church, its leaders, and its activities, is in no way prima facie anti-Christian. The Protestants levelled such accusations of corruption, abuse of power, and hypocrisy, and they were right, and they were very very religious. The problem with religion in the world today is not religion as such. Kant did well to restrict philosophizing about religion to the question of "what may man hope." The problem is any moment religion gets reified in a temporal, secular structure -- which includes the Catholic Church, Israel, Palestine, Evangelical and Radical Catholic PACs and politicians, pro-Isreali push groups, Muslim-ish terrorists, Islamic tyrants, etc. etc. etc. I recgonize that this view is a deeply Protestant one(most in the tradition of Jan Hus, as opposed to Calvin, etc.), and in some ways I was at least ethically raised in this tradition. But it should be noted that there is a great line in all the historical religions and sects of prophets, mystics, anti-establishment free thinkers, etc. etc. all men and women of faith. all probably more intelligent and more deep than those religious zealots in power at the time. If there is a God, religion's reified structures may actually be intended by It to dialectically produce true believers who resist the brutal outlays of abuse, capital and power that those structures wield. And yes, the Catholic Church is one of the greatest charitable institutions in the world. I do recognize that. But that doesn't mean a critical orientation can't be taken to its power as such.

At 11:15 AM, Blogger Nosferatu said...

I want to eat every Catholic baby in America.

At 8:21 PM, Anonymous Rick Knowlton said...

I must back Steve up on this one. I've attended quite a few Columbia-Catholic games. I graduated from Lancaster Catholic last year actually. Last year at a basketball game several people were arrested on assault charges. All from Columbia. People have had their cars vandalized at those games. Stones have been thrown at people, and especially the buses on numerous occasions. It's truely viscious.

However, I admit that there are slurs thrown at Columbia from Lancaster Catholic as well. It was bad enough last year that students weren't permitted to cheer for the rest of the season. If they did they faced being banned from future sporting events and possible expulsion. Though I felt, as did many, that this was harsh it still was a punishment for a crime committed. Various chants were started such as, "We have a future!" as well as some personal slanders aimed toward the players. Though I must say, it was equally or perhaps outdone on the level of vulgarity by the opposing fans.

Last year was really the first year of true hostility from Catholic though. For the most part we 'turned the other cheek', but some kids couldn't take it and let loose.

A friend of mine had his car totalled by means of a sledgehammer at a game last year. It was marked with the words "Catholic's burn in hell".

While I can't say this is true persecution, I can say that this is beyond rivalry. It needs to be handled and dealt with. I shouldn't have had to feel worried about going to a game, but I did, and as did many others. So is this persecution? Rivalry? Perhaps a bit of both? You tell me.


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