Monday, August 02, 2004

Peter Sellers Reincarnated Part II

I caught Da Ali G show last night, resolved as I am never to miss a single episode. (Actually I first caught the end of Entourage, guest starring comedienne/super-hot Jewess Sarah Silverman).

Ali G may be Sacha Baron Cohen's first character, but the Bruno and Borat personas are funnier by a wide margin. As Bruno, Cohen hosted a faux-fashion show for a faux-Austrian network featuring American guests who were bigshots in the fashion world (or thought they were). In the first segment, called "In Oder Aus?" [that's Hun for "in or out"--ed.], Bruno queried some guy (whose heavily facelifted and reconstructed features looked slightly and uncomfortably familiar to me) on whether various people were, as the title suggests, in or out. But being the free-styler that he is, Bruno had the guest rephrase the dichotomy as "keep them in ghetto" or "put them on the train to Auschwitz." Not only was the guest oblivious, but he participated enthusiastically. In the next segment, Bruno had on two fashionistas [I hate that word--ed.] [yeah, but what do you suggest?--F.] to look at photos of celebrities and criticize their outfits. After showing a particularly slovenly shot of Peter Jackson, Bruno said (paraphrasing), "I know it's not quite as bad as 9/11, but this is like a mini-9/11, right?" To which one of the guests assented, "Yeah, he's a fashion terrorist."

During the Borat segment, our hero traveled to Tennessee to learn about country music. He was invited to perform his own song at some kind of open-mic night at a country bar, and had the riveted audience (who had presumably never seen a Kazakh before) clapping and singing along to a tune whose chorus was:
Throw the Jew down the well,
So my country can be free,
Just grab him by his horns,
And we'll have a big party.
I'm still looking forward to the episode where he gets Gore Vidal to rap.


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